BitLend's primary goal is to pioneer the next generation of DeFi development and become the leading lending protocol on the BitTorrent chain. We will accomplish this by:

a) Creating a deep well of liquidity that unlocks capital efficiency for all and magnifies potential return on investment.

b) Fostering a new dapp ecosystem on the BitTorrent Chain by creating a robust and composable lending protocol that others can build upon and expand.

c) Building and nurturing a loyal and passionate community.

d) Constantly improving, optimizing, and innovating.

e) Forging strong partnerships with leading teams, projects, and protocols.

Q4 2022: Launch Bitlend v1. This protocol release will not include BLEND incentives to suppliers/borrowers.

Q1 2023: Launch Bitlend v2. This protocol release will include an upgrade on tokenomics and token incentives for suppliers/borrowers.

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