Risk Management

Keeping the protocol secure is all about managing risk. To accomplish this, Bitlend will incorporate three “risk management” groups to steward various parts of the protocol. These groups are:
Protocol Risk management - this group is comprised of three admins and a guardian who watch over governance proposals, coordination, token whitelisting, market factors, and price oracles.
Protocol Risk Management Multisig (3/4): 0xa810074d71efb0fd727eeffe0d4570353a695dc0 ​
Market Risk Management - consists of both technical and economic risk managers in a multisig. This group must sign off on protocol risk team changes to market parameters, and are responsible for monitoring utilization rates and macro conditions.
Market Risk Management Multisig (3/4): 0x2595a0Ad6D36F9fAab4eF9295f0326e1d850490C​
Watchdog Team - is a monitor for emergencies that could lead to loss of funds for Bitlend and its users. The watchdog team retains authority as a last resort when all other systems have failed. They have the ability to pause markets if the right conditions are met.